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Raw A2/A2 Cream Top Milk | Gallon

Raw A2/A2 Cream Top Milk | Gallon

Raw A2/A2 Cream Top Milk


Our milk comes from grass-fed cows, ensuring the highest quality and nutritional value. Not only is our milk A2/A2, but it is also raw, allowing you to experience the full benefits of unpasturized and non homoginized milk straight from our cows to your family.


  • The Importance of Keeping Milk Cold

    Raw milk must be kept cold at all times.  because its a raw product, its shelf life is shorter than ultra processed store bought milk.  We recommend that you bring a cooler when picking up your milk to keep it cold during transportstion.  

    Storing milk in the back of your refridgerator is the ideal place to ensure you're getting the longest shelf life from your milk as possible.  Keeping it in the door is also warmer overall, and goes through more temperature changes than milk in the back.  

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