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Grass Puppies

Have you ever heard the term? Well let me tell you, its as cute as it sounds. If you guessed baby'd be correct.

We recently added two of these little goobers to our herd. Meet Saoirse + Ophelia. Surshie + Opie for short. They came from a Tillamook dairy in Oregon. Both are A2/A2, registered purebred Jerseys, and they have grass-fed genetics (yay!) Finding a breeding age cow with these qualities has proven to be not only difficult, but it will cost you a pretty penny...or 500,000 of them!

They are currently 9 weeks old and growing like weeds! What a fun addition to have on the farm! Raising up a milk cow to be good tempered, manageable, and easy to handle takes a lot of hands on hours. We have already halter trained them, and they wear collars with cow bells! We touch them all over so they're used to it, and were still bottle feeding them. We want them friendly, but not pushy, so they will switch to drinking their milk out of buckets soon! Then we will start to work on picking up their feet, something that none of our current milk cows do.

For those of you keeping track, the addition of these two girls brings our cow count up to 5! They will be bred next summer, and will join the milking herd in the spring of 2026! I will be sure to post about them often!

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